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National is again offering free memberships to competitors new to NATRC  

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National and Region 3 Convention will be held at Albuquerque, New Mexico February 23rd - 25th 

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The first ride and clinic of the season in scheduled for April 20th in Santa Fe, NM! We hope to see you there! 

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The Stirrup 

The Stirrup is Region 3's newsletter.  We try to update it several times per year.

It includes stories of interest in our region or by our region members, regional business, and regional placings.

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The National newsletter is the Hoof Print.  

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Come Ride With us!

See our video from the 2022 Colorado Trail CTR.  This is a 16 minute video showing what happens during a typical Open/Competitive Pleasure/Novice 2-day competition weekend. A 1-day Leisure competion would be similar, but without the vet checks.

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For 2024, we are trying to encourage more people to ride with us.  National is offering FREE memberships to new members (click Read More button above).  Region 3 is also offering discount coupons for first-time-riders, and for those who bring-a-new-friend. 

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Latest News

Region 3 is hosting the NATRC National Convention this year, in conjunction with AERC!  Join us February 23rd - 25th in Albuquerque, NM.  Conventions where AERC & NATRC combine forces always have a great speaker list and a long list of exhibitors!

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We have nine rides and two clinics planned for 2024.  More are in the works and we are hoping to slip some more.

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Region & National Board Election Results
(Posted 12/14/2024)
- District #1: Lindsay Mathews (2026)
- District #2: Jordan Anderson (2026)
- District #2: Mitch Burkdoll (2025)
- At-Large: Bill WIngle (2026)
- National: Dayna Morgan (2026)

There are three vacancies that need to be filled for 2024.  One in District #1, and two At-Large.

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Previous Stirrup Issues 

Board of Directors 

The Region 3 Board meets three times a year. One in person meeting takes place at the region convention in the spring. The other meetings are held via Zoom calls.  

Members are welcome to attend any meeting, though some Executive sessions may be closed.

Directors are your representatives in guiding the organization.  If you have concerns, want changes, or just have questions, these are the people to contact.

Contact BOD

Region Districts

Region 3 is divided into two districts.  District 1 includes Colorado east of the Continental Divide, and all states and provinces north.  District 2 includes Colorado west of the Continental Divide, New Mexico and Utah.  Each district is represented by one director.

There are three "At-Large" directors who represent the entire Region.

There are also two national directors who represent the Region 3 at the national level.  Note that these directors are also on the Region 3 board.


Elections are held every October for national and regional board of directors.  Officers are elected by their respective boards.  

Region directors serve three year terms and national directors serve three year terms.  

If you have interest in becoming a board director, or know someone who would be good in that position, contact the region Vice President.  They will get you on the ballot or contact your suggested person.

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Board Meeting Minutes

(See Stirrup issues above for additional meeting minutes)