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NATRC/Region 3 encompasses Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Montana, as well as Alberta and Saskatchawan, Canada. The region itself is divided into 2 districts for purposes of evenly distributed membership representation. The region hosts and supports competitive trail rides, trail clinics and a year-end seminar/banquet honoring the top finishers in competition from the preceding ride season and special contributions from members.

What is NATRC?

The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) is the premier competitive trail riding (CTR) organization in six regions across North America.

WHAT Does a Typical competition look like?

A video is often better than words. We created a 16 minute video of a typical  two-day competion.  This is not a tutorial, but follows serveral riders through the weekend to give you the feel of what we do.  We also recommend you just come out and give us a try.  We also offer clinics every year which get into the particulars.  Many just sign up and try one of our one or two-day competitions.  The national website also has many video tutorials.

What is our mission?

To promote horsemanship and horse care as they apply to the sport of distance riding by offering a variety of challenging and educational experiences designed to strengthen horse and rider partnerships.

The philosophies of NATRC are:

  1. To stimulate greater interest in the breeding and use of good horses possessed of stamina and hardiness and qualified to make good mounts for trail use.
  2. To demonstrate the value of type and soundness in the proper selection of horses for competitive riding.
  3. To learn and demonstrate the proper methods of training and conditioning horses for competitive riding.
  4. To encourage good horsemanship as related to trail riding.
  5. To demonstrate the best methods of caring for horses during and after long rides without the aid of artificial methods or stimulants.

Competitive trail riding is a sport for anyone who loves to spend time with their horse (or mule) in the great outdoors.  We cater to young riders (10 minimum), older riders in their 70's, and everyone in between.  All equine breeds are welcome, and with the right training, any equine can take the top placing.  If you are new to trail riding, we will help you learn everything you and your horse need to know to be successful and safe.  Ask about our mentor options.  If you are an experienced rider and want to prove or improve your skills, we have many riders who will challenge you.  We have single day events for those with limited time who want to do limited distances (8-12 miles).  We have full one and two days events to challenge you over 15 to 60 miles.  Come ride with us!  Join many others who share your love of horses!

If you don't like to compete or aren't ready, we can always use volunteers.  They are the backbone of this sport and we couldn't do it without their time and help!  It is also a great way to learn the ropes before your first competition.

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