National Website

The national website is a great resource of information.  Most of the information is accessible by anyone, but some requires a membership and login.  Here is a taste of the information but go to the site and browse!

Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make official announcement and have other lists to let members share information and trade stories. 


Sign up for our various mailing lists to keep informed.  We try to keep these e-mails to a minimum, but we do use them to announce event and other items on interest.


Ride Staff

When you are new to NATRC and are attending your first few rides, the most obvious source of help is the ride staff:

Feel free to ask any of these people questions.  They will help as much as they can, or point you in the right direction.  Our riders also love helping out new folks: the riders wearing blue or green vests tend to be the more experienced ones, but feel free to ask anyone if you have a question.

Financial Assistance

Region 3 and National have programs for competitors and ride managers.

FORMS & Documents

A grab bag of all Region 3 forms and documents.

Members & Competitors

NATRC is a competitive sport, but the focus is on becoming better riders and learning to take care of our animals the best way we can.  Some of your best resources for information will be your fellow competitors.  Most people are willing to help and share some of their tricks.  If you have questions, grab anyone and ask.  Do not be intimidated because you are new.  We were all new once and have all learned from other competitors.


There is national newsletter, and each region has its own newsletter.  These tend to come out quarterly.

Region 3 Ride Book

Every Region 3 member will receive a copy of the Region 3 Ride Book.  This lists all the seasons rides and has messages from our members and sponsors. 

View Ride Book


We have several rider promotions: