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Officers are elected annually by the Board of Directors. 

President:Dayna Morgan
Vice President:Tammy Beyerle

Region Directors

Region directors serve two year terms and are elected by the general membership.

National Directors

National directors represent Region 3, serve three year terms, and are elected by the general membership.

*TL Term Limited

If you have interest in becoming a board director, or know someone who would be good in that position, contact our region Vice President. They will get you on the ballot or contact your suggested person.

Region Documents


Appointed by the Region Board

Awards/Mileage:Kat Bonham
Membership:Amelia Adair
Publicity:Donna Dandy
Ride Book & Ride Coordinator:Diane Wingle
RMS Manager:Diane Wingle
Safety & Supplies:Dayna Morgan
Stirrup Editor:Hannah Clark
Worker Points:Dianna Thearin


District 1 includes CO east of Continental Divide, MT, and WY in US, and AB and SK in Canada.  District 2 includes CO west of Continental Divide, NM and UT. 

Region Districts